How to Order

Order a product or series of products from today becomes very easy and convenient .


You simply have to follow 4 steps :


Creating the Cart




Let's see step by step how to create / confirm / pay and receive the goods directly to your home or office .




As a first step you need to look for products that you want ; you can do so by following the menu pulldown ( Products Farmacia Legnani , for Pathology Products , Brands , etc. ) or type the product name or even part of the name in the search window shown in the upper right ; for example if I try D-Mannosio of Farmacia Legnani I can type D - Mannosio or Mannosio , or Legnani , or even simply the D and I'll see a series of highlighted products that have those features .

Once you find the product you have to add it to Trolley just clicking the "Add to Cart" button. If you want to add more products you have to do in the same way, you have to search for them and add them to the cart; every time you add a product to your cart in the top of the site will see the amount of products that changes.

If I want to change quantities, add a product that I had forgotten or remove an item in the cart, you can always do it before confirming the total order.

After entering all desired products you have to click on the Shopping Cart and see a list of all my products ordered with the desired quantity and price; I must now decide the "delivery method" and the "Payment Method"; in both cases there is a drop-down menu that helps you to make the desired choice. Here you  have three choices  and you must decide the delivery method just choosing one: if you need to receive the products outside Italy just choose Delivery Europe NO ITALY. We deliver products through UPS and you will have in 24/36 hours after our confirmation.

NB: the system sets Delivery Espresso Italy as first choice.

In the method of payment you have three possibilities: Standard-Payments by credit cards and paypal- Cash on delivery prepay

 NB : the system sets the standard as the first choice
 The customer also has the option to add a comment before moving on to the next step .
 The customer can also save the shopping cart as a shopping list if he is not sure to buy in that time or if he want to complete the purchase at a later time. This feature is also handy for customers who performs regular purchases with the same products ( you can always change the amount and / or add and / or remove always some product on the list before confirming the order) .
 At this point you have finished the first stage and you will find a list of the desired products , the quantities choices , the delivery method and payment method ; the system also calculates the cost of separating the VAT for the individual products and the shipment .
 At this point we have to crush the button “Complete the order” and the system will bring us in the second phase address .

In this section you have three possible choices:

-Access for registered customers

-Order without registering

-Order and registered as a customer

 We explain more in detail the three options; let's start from the third (Order and register as a customer) that is one of two possible ways to perform to new customers. In this section we enter our data (name, last name, address, phone, etc.); some are mandatory, those marked with an asterisk, while others are optional. Finally, we must enter a user name and password you want to use for subsequent access. The order two methods are intuitive.

At this point we confirm everything and displays a summary of our choices before moving on to the third phase called Order.

NB: I can also enter a different address where I want to receive the products that are not necessarily those of the recording. ORDER This phase is very fast because it shows me a summary of what was done first before moving on to the last stage; I have to crush the button Buy now allowing me to move to the last phase, that of payment.

NOTE: The customer must remember to check the box "I have read the general terms and conditions and accept them" otherwise it can not access the last phase. The terms and conditions, the right to cancel and the information privacy statement are easily identifiable and readable as they are highlighted in blue.


 In this section, the customer can make secure payment with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or if you have a Paypal account. Paypal manages on behalf of Pharmacy Legnani payment of the customer order. At this point the order is made and the customer will receive a confirmation email from Legnani Pharmacy with the summary of your order.

At this point there is nothing to do but wait for the desired products!

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